Sponsoring Skilled Family Members for an Australian Visa

Sponsoring Skilled Family Members for an Australian Visa

Labour market shortages can be filled by Australian Skilled Visa holders. There are several available options to get this type of visa for Australia. One way is to be sponsored by the employer, there are also independent skilled workers visas, then there’s the relative-sponsored visa.

To be considered for the Australian visa, the applicants must first fulfill some requirements for the skilled category. They must be over 18 and under 45 years old, must possess good English language skills, should have significant work experience for the nominated occupation for Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). One clear advantage of this Australian skilled visa type, there is no points test.

The candidate must then be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area of Australia. There are a number of obligations that must be met by the sponsor.

Can I be a sponsor?

Each territory has several criteria that allow a resident to sponsor a relative as a skilled worker for Australia. For instance, in the Northern Territory, the sponsor must be currently living in the area and has done so for the past 12 months.

He or she must also have any of the following relationships with the candidate for this Australian visa: parent, brother or sister, non-dependent child, niece or nephew, grandchild or first cousin.

Other designated territories that have a skilled visa sponsorship program include the Australian Capitol Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland (except Brisbane), New South Wales (except Sydney, New Castle and Wollongong) and Western Australia (except Perth).

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