The Pros and Cons of Using a Migration Agent

In the following paragraphs I will outline the benefits and detrimental features of using a Migration Agent. I hope that this provides you with a balanced view when you are considering applying for an Australian visa and are weighing up whether to use a Migration Agent or not.

All foreign nationals are required to have a visa to enter Australia. Thailand is one of many countries considered to be ‘high risk’ and even for a Tourist visa application. Thai citizens are required to submit a paper application and a considerable amount of supporting documentation. Even then there is no guarantee of getting a visa – a high percentage of applications are refused as the applicants are not considered to be likely to be genuine tourists or there are concerns over them potentially overstaying their visa.

This is where a competent Migration Agent can help you. He or she can advise you on the best Australian visa to suit your needs and give advice and assistance with the preparation of the visa, including structuring the application and helping you with the forms and documentation. Many Thai ladies and their Australian boyfriends come to us and ask us to assess their situation and help them with a visa application. Sometimes they have tried to prepare a visa themselves and been refused. They have wasted precious time, effort and money (the visa application fee is non-refundable). For many busy and hard working Australians time is money – so a refusal is costly, as well as being a psychological blow. It soon becomes clear that Migration Agents can save them time, effort and money.

However, not all Migration Agents are created equal! If you do choose to use a Migration Agent you should try to use one that has both training in Australian Migration Law and has successful experience. Migration Agents based in Australia are required to be registered while Migration Agents based offshore (outside Australia) are not. Many offshore Migration Agents are not Australians, have no formal training, speak little English and have often never even been to Australia. So if you use an offshore Migration Agent, make sure they have the legal training in Australian Migration law and the experience with submitting and obtaining Australian visas that can benefit you and your Thai girlfriend, fiancé, partner or wife.

Also be aware that using a registered Migration Agent in Australia provides no guarantee that they have successful experience or deal with the Australian Embassy in Bangkok on a regular basis. Often using a qualified and experienced offshore Migration Agent in based in Thailand is the best way to go because they constantly deal with the same Embassy (in Bangkok) and know the specific requirements of that Embassy.

At the end of the day it is up to you whether you use a Migration Agent or not. If you do use a qualified and experienced Migration Agent team based in Thailand, like us at Australian Visa Advice, your Thai girlfriend have the best chance of success. We have the legal training, the years of experience, 100’s of successful applications and a 100% success record to back it up.

Australia Visas

Australia Visas

Australia, the most preferred holiday destination often tempts the tourists for its amazing attractions and sparkling beaches and once you have planned to spend your vacations in the gorgeous land of Australia you need to arrange for an Australian Visa. To acquire a Visa for Australia, you need to follow some important tips to help you get an Australia Visa effortlessly and efficiently.

Firstly, you need to know that who really needs to apply for an Australian Visa. If you want to enter Australia then you definitely need to have a Visa for Australia. But if you want to continue your journey forward and you have just made a halt on the Australia airport for less than eight hours where you do not leave the transit lounge and also hold a valid ticket for your connecting journey then you need not apply for the Australia Visa.

Hence it is a prerequisite that before you depart for Australia you need to have each valid Australian Visa or ETA along with your passport and various other important travel documents. Secondly you need to know the type of Australia Visa you might require for your stay in Australia. Australia attracts a number of tourists from all over the world for its natural and scenic beauty, the awesome beaches and a numbers of tourists places like the Sydney Tower, Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Luna Park, The Royal Botanical Gardens, the Great Barrier Reef and a lot of beaches, like the most famous Bondi beach.

A lot of people are attracted to either permanently settle down in Australia, or for a short period to enjoy their vacations or for a stay at their relatives place for 3 months or more, or jobs and ongoing projects fro some companies. Different Australian Visas permit you to stay in this country peacefully and it is most necessary to apply and acquire the right kind of Australian Visa for a comfortable and a peaceful stay.

- For Tourists who visit Australia for enjoying vacations or to visit their relatives or friends, need to particularly for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) Short-Stay Business Visa or can apply for an ETA Long-Validity Business Visa and to choose among this completely depends on the time period of your stay in Australia.

- For a perfect holiday in Australia you can apply for an ETA online before you board for your Australian holiday. This is an Electronic Visa for the tourists who visit Australia for a short stay or for business purposes for which you do not need to stay for more than 3 months period.

To visit Australia on the ETA Visa it is not necessary to have any kind of paper certification, labels or even a stamp on your passport for that matter. All these important certification process will be automatically assigned with your passport number at the time of application.

- If you are planning to shift to Australia permanently either to work there permanently or to reside there for ever, you need to contact The Australian General Skilled Migration Program for a smooth immigration process.

- If you are planning to continue your studies in Australia you can apply and easily obtain a Student Visa. Whatever may be the cause to visit Australia, it is definite that your visit to this amazingly beautiful city is going to be splendid where you get the worth for the price paid for.

Your vacation to Australia will undoubtedly be fun-filled and adventurous, the memories that will cherish forever. So apply and get a valid Australian Visa and enjoy your stay to the fullest.


Marrying a foreign spouse

What are some of the key marriage visa issues to consider before marrying a foreign spouse?

Mail order brides and email marriages are becoming a healthy trend in modern American marriage system. If you are an American citizen, and if you have selected a foreign fiance to marry, you are halfway through the battle. The remaining half lies in the process of getting your foreign spouse a marriage visa, so that he/she can lead a hassle-free family life with you in the United States of America.

Your fiancé (e) is free to choose between one immigration marriage visa and two non-immigration marriage visas, whichever is more suitable. The IR1 or CR1 immigration marriage visa and the K-3 non-immigration marriage visa are preferred after your marriage, whereas the K-1 non-immigration marriage visa is ideal before you marry her. Acquiring a marriage visa is not a walk in the park and has many complications within. Your spouse should satisfy all the visa requirements and should not commit even a single mistake in the marriage visa form. Any deviation in these processes would lead to the rejection of his/her marriage visa form.

There are many major marriage visa issues to consider before marrying a foreign spouse. The first thing is that you should be sure about the authenticity of your foreign fiance. You must know whether his/her intentions for marrying you are true or is the person marrying you for fraudulent purposes. This is because if the authorities figure out that he’she is marrying for fraud reasons, his/her marriage visa application form will be rejected and you could face a US0,000 fine, or 5 years in prison, or both.

The second most important issue is to decide whether it is better to marry offshore first, or whether to enter the US first. Because based on your decision you should choose the IR1, K-3, or K-1 marriage visa. If you decide to bring your spouse first, the K-1 marriage visa is the one you should apply for. After deciding, you and your spouse should make sure he/she satisfies all the visa requirements before filing the petition.

It is highly imperative that your spouse
• should not have any public charge against him/her
• should not fail the medical test
• should not possess any criminal record
• should not be infected with HIV or any incurable disease

This is because the above mentioned causes are the main criteria for marriage visa rejection. Apart from this issues like missing information in the marriage visa form, incomplete affidavit of support, absence of police report, and other missing documents should be considered in order to avoid rejection.

One of the K-1 marriage visa requirements is that you should marry your foreign fiance within 90 days after she enters the United States, else you might be penalised. The other commonly considered marriage visa issues are
• What to do if your spouse is not fluent in English
• What to do if your spouse was previously married or has children
• Whether your spouse is “legally” entitled to marry in the US
• Why some marriage visa applicants are rejected, and what to do. How to appeal
• How to avoid costly legal fees, by doing many steps yourself

You can now resolve all these issues with the help of, an expert in marriage visas. They sell an e-book which deals with all the issues associated with marriage visas and corresponding solutions. also offers professional guidance in filling up marriage visa forms and will help your spouse to get his/her visa without any problem.


Australian Immigration: 40,000 Skilled Workers Needed

Australian Immigration: 40,000 Skilled Workers Needed To Ease Shortage In Construction Sector

Immigration can be the answer to curbing Australian state, Victoria’s rise in housing prices because of labour shortages in commercial and residential
The Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBA) believes that to keep pace with the industry’s growth, the state needs 40,000 more skilled workers within the next five years.
Because of an acute lack of skilled workers, Victoria’s construction activity is being threatened, and, according to a survey of commercial builders by the peak body, recruiting a skilled workforce was the biggest issue preventing the sector from reaching its potential.
Executive MBA director Brian Welch said that this survey highlighted the need for Victoria not only to retain its skilled professionals but also to attract new workers.
Other key findings of the survey showed that 46% of those polled said that it was very difficult to recruit highly skilled workers such as site and project managers. Also, more than half said the greatest difficulty was found in recruiting shop draftsmen.
Mr Welch also said that things are about to worsen if Immigration Australia can’t help: “With an ageing workforce and many of our senior building professionals close to retirement age, the situation is expected to worsen”.
The problem, Welch explained, was that forcing up the costs for builders, would feed into property prices for consumers.
He warned that the fewer trade contractors there are to do work; the higher house prices will rise as shortages become imminent. Also, he added that we are under-building as it stands and there are a lot of people over the next five years who will retire from the building industry.
Over the past few years, housing affordability in Australia has worsened, with home owners and renters spending more of their income on mortgage or rent payments. Hopefully, Immigration Australia can bring in more skilled workers from overseas to remedy this problem.
Mr Welch said to address the skills shortage, the State Government should introduce several measures, including retraining skilled workers at retirement age so their skills and experience can be kept as ‘registered trainers’.
If you are interested in working and living in Australia, “The Lucky Country” offers a variety of work visas, namely:
- Skilled Independent Visa

- Skilled Sponsored Visa

- Skilled Sponsored Family Relative Visa

- Skilled Sponsored State/Territory Visa

- Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

- Business Sponsored 457 Visa

- Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

- Working Holiday Visa
Many of these visas could offer you a doorway to immigration to Australia.
Find out which visa you qualify for by doing our free online visa eligibility assessment, which will deliver instant results!

Study in Australia Visa Programs

Study in Australia Visa Programs

A vision to fulfill our life with knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. Study in a high level of quality into reputable educational institution is one of our dream. A dream that we admit on study abroad programs is a total journey for better enhancement of our goal in life. In order to fulfill those vision, universities in Australia provides you a complete educational program and courses with highly innovative educational methods and instruction which recognized internationally. Some of Universities here in Australia, have their different reputations that provide a broad range of courses that are up-to-date or relevant to the modern employment in the country and through out the world.

As they invest, it is one way to empower the country by means of important breakthroughs in modern technology and gaining high standard of quality education whom they made the whole world proud of them. Australia reach now the honor of center for quality education as they prove that large number of international students was decided to choose Australia as their destination in pursuing their study. We search and explore everything in order to uplift our life in best lifestyle that we pursue to achieve. That’s why study in Australia is the best destination for us to start-up our career and enhance knowledge and talents.

Australia is a safe and friendly country. It was sophisticated and harmonious society in which the students can learn, travel and work. In that matter, Australia has a different Visa programs which intends to every purpose of a person who want s to visit, migrate, travel, work, and study in the amazing country of Australia. For those who want to study in Australia, there are specific Visa programs for you to secure. That is Australian student Visa Program. In securing your student Visa, make sure that you meet the respective qualification and requirements. Student Visa are categorized into five programs.

These are English language course Visa, School sector Visa, Vocational education or Training sector Visa, Higher education sector Visa, and Masters and Doctorate sector Visa. These 5 programs are intends for every sector of respective educational program in Australia. There are Visa for completing a language course, Visa for completing the study elementary and secondary education, a Visa for completing vocational course or any training programs, Visa for those who want to pursue their higher education in Australia such as bachelor degree or college degree courses, and a Visa for graduate study such as Masters in research and Doctoral degrees.

You can choose among those Visa programs which suited for your pursuing educational programs. Not only that, while studying in Australia, you were able to travel in some beautiful places in every regions of the country. Or by securing holiday Visa, you can have part time job in Australia. If you are industrious enough, you can earn more money there because of lot of workplace for you to have part time jobs. When you graduate d a course in certain educational institution in Australia, a brighter future is already in you that keeps your identity as a successful student which is a product of a certain university in Australia. A mark of a world class standard of quality education that gave to you by the university in Australia.


Sponsoring Skilled Family Members for an Australian Visa

Sponsoring Skilled Family Members for an Australian Visa

Labour market shortages can be filled by Australian Skilled Visa holders. There are several available options to get this type of visa for Australia. One way is to be sponsored by the employer, there are also independent skilled workers visas, then there’s the relative-sponsored visa.

To be considered for the Australian visa, the applicants must first fulfill some requirements for the skilled category. They must be over 18 and under 45 years old, must possess good English language skills, should have significant work experience for the nominated occupation for Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). One clear advantage of this Australian skilled visa type, there is no points test.

The candidate must then be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area of Australia. There are a number of obligations that must be met by the sponsor.

Can I be a sponsor?

Each territory has several criteria that allow a resident to sponsor a relative as a skilled worker for Australia. For instance, in the Northern Territory, the sponsor must be currently living in the area and has done so for the past 12 months.

He or she must also have any of the following relationships with the candidate for this Australian visa: parent, brother or sister, non-dependent child, niece or nephew, grandchild or first cousin.

Other designated territories that have a skilled visa sponsorship program include the Australian Capitol Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland (except Brisbane), New South Wales (except Sydney, New Castle and Wollongong) and Western Australia (except Perth).

National Visas is a world leader in Australian immigration services. It is a privately held company that provides assistance and advice to people who want to travel or migrate to Australia.

At National Visas we provide services and free assessment for Australia Working Visa, eta visa, tourist visa for Australia. Australian tourist visa has never been this easy to have your own. Application have been simplified. Save time and money lodging your Australian visa application with the help of National Visas personalized services.

Migration to Australia Through Working Holiday Visa

Migration to Australia Through Working Holiday Visa

There are many ways to migrate and work in Australia and one of them is through obtaining a Holiday Working Visa. This type of Australian Visa has a multiple purpose where in you can visit and travel to Australia while earning some cash. Since having a Tourist Visa for Australia would not allow you to work in Australia and will only give you a privilege to spend a holiday vacation down under just to see and explore the unique charm of some of its famous cities or to visit your friends and relatives who are settled there, working holiday visa is the best option to apply. So if you’re an adventurous person and want to travel and do some escapade activities at the same time have plan to work and earn some money, then securing an Australian Working Holiday Visa is a-must to start your journey traveling and working in Australia.

But with regards to working matters, employment should not be your main concern because this working visa will only permit you to get a casual or a part-time job in which its designated salary should not be used as your expenses to cover up your back fare. Your earnings in your job should only be used as a supplement to the money you’ll be spending for your traveling around Australia. So this means that you have to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the first part of your stay in this country and have a save money for the payment of your return air fare.

Having a full-time employment is also allowed provided that you would not work in the same employer for more than three months. If you wish to continue working, you must look for some other employers and apply for a new job that suits your skills and qualification.

Working holiday visa is only available for a single person or for those couples who have no dependent children within the range of age 18 to 30 years old and have met certain character and health requirements. This visa is valid for a year and only given to individuals from participating countries that are eligible for having this visa like United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong (SAR – Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, The Republic of Ireland, The Republic of Korea, The Republic of Cyprus, Sweden and Taiwan.

The processing of your holiday work visa generally takes for about 1-2 weeks and also be varied according to your personal situation and to where country you came from.


Australia migration consultants clarify visa processing timelines and nuances

Australia migration consultants clarify visa processing timelines and nuances

It is common that there remain a wide array of benefits after immigration, the country that receive people and allow them to settle definitely plans for betterment of its population. Australia migration is a very lucrative option and now people from different corners of the planet are pouring into Australia as the hunt for a peaceful place of stay ends with this country. Thousands of Australia visa seekers also file their applications to enter the country to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. There remain a wide array of Commonwealth services that Australian statutory body Centrelink offers to the permanent residents and citizens. Getting a suitable job and validating a skill set become much easier in Australia and for this Auswanderung nach is Australia is much in demand.

People from different European nations are eying to enter Australia as Australia migration has been an attractive option for the common people who manage a moderate life in European nations. Similarly in South Africa and Asia, it is dream of many people to stay and work in Australia. For applying immigration it is a good idea to initiate the process with the help of experts. There remain many immigration lawyers and consultants in the city of Sydney and these consultants make the immigration application hassle free.

In-depth guidance clubbed with post landing assistance really helps the immigrants. The time of processing a Visum für Australien might differ as per skill set of the applicants. For accurate information it is best to directly get in touch with a immigration consultant. Most of the popular immigration consultants offer online services and mails are reverted back with information. The bouquet of special benefits associated to Australia migration is provided by the reputed immigration consultants. It is great to plan for immigration to the country with higher gross domestic production and per capita income is much higher than leading nations like United Kingdom, United States and France.

With the growing economy of the nation, demand of the skilled workforce constantly goes uphill. Australia is again a much sought after destination for both skilled and unskilled workforce. The multicultural nation ensures equal opportunity for all employees. Indeed heartening to note that plenty of South African professionals are coming down to Australia. Obtaining a tourist Visum für Australien is not an issue, it is processed much faster. If you are an investor it is possible to visit the nation to carry forward your further plans of relocating.

During Auswanderung nach Australien it is advisable to provide all the necessary testimonials whenever required. The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Activities ensure a hassle free online application process as well. The immigration consultants further makes the application process easier just against a nominal fee. Timescale of each application might differ as the processing period is always different for applicants from different skill set. It is a good idea to punch in the telephone number of a suitable immigration consultant or lawyer. All reputed immigration providers offer prompt customer care. Online articles inform and educate us better and help to initiate the right move. Knowing the nuances of the several visa categories and visa types is possible with the Australia migration consultants.


Australia Visa denied for renowned footballer

Australia Visa denied for renowned footballer

Paul Parker has been denied Australia Visa for travel by working as a TV soccer analyst.

He was appointed by the FFNT (Football Federation Northern Territory) as a coaching consultant and was scheduled to commence his work 1 week ago. At present, Paul Parker is in Singapore and has already applied for Australian Visa for “Distinguished Talent”. Only after getting this section of Australian Visa, he would be able to commence his work with the FFNT.

According to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) Australia, which looks after the matters related to Australia immigration, Australia Visa to travel does not permit the visa holder to work while in the country. Paul Parker, who was working as a soccer analyst breached the conditions and has been entitled of exile.

“He will be heading our indigenous program. Hopefully he’ll have some sort of involvement with the NT’s Timor Sea Cup side, work with school sports and with look at club development. They will keep him busy.” he added. FFNT is very much keen to see Parker back to the job at his earliest, provided he secures the correct for of Australia Visa.

Daymon Port, who is technical director of FFNT said, “Everything has been left as is”.

It should be noted that FFNT is a non-profit organisation which has contributed remarkably to promote football game in the country. Working with it is an opportunity that anybody cant afford to miss. In fact, Parker is trying his best to get the things on track.


Australian Skilled Visa

Australian Skilled Visa: When a State Needs You

If you’re planning migrate to Australia visa sponsored visa, you might want to consider applying for Subclass 176. This visa allows you to move to Australia permanently if you have good English language skills and your qualifications match those for occupations in the Skilled Occupation List.

Similar to other sponsored skilled visas, there is also an age limit of 45 years old for applicants. There is a points test for this particular visa. To be eligible for this skilled visa type, you must be nominated from a participating State or Territory government agency. All State and Territory governments in Australia are participating in this visa scheme.

Once approved, this Australian skilled visa allows the bearer to:

1.Live and work in Australia permanently
2.Study in Australia
3.Receive healthcare via Medicard and the Pharmaceutical Benefits scheme
4.After a waiting period, access social security benefits
5.Be able to apply for Australian citizenship once eligibility criteria for residency are met
6.Sponsor others for permanent residence.

How State or Territory Nominations Work

South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory may offer nominations. Nominations are based on occupational skills that are in shortage for the particular area.

These territories and states have websites that offer a list of skills in shortage. If you find that your particular skill is a good fit for open positions, they you may contact the State or Territory government. These governments also have a skill matching database.

It is important to note though that nomination from a territory or state does not automatically mean that your visa will be granted. You still need to apply and get and approval from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to get your visa for Australia. Your skilled visa may be granted once all the requirements are met.