Can My Thai Girlfriend Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa?

I am often asked this question. An Australian man will approach me and say: “I met a really nice Thai lady when I was in Pattaya (or Bangkok, Phuket, or some other place) and we got on like a house on fire. I have returned to Australia now and I want to bring her over here so we can spend some more time together and so she can meet my family and catch a glimpse of what life is like here. Can she apply for a Tourist visa?” I say “Well, let’s see…”

I always start by asking the fellow Aussie a few questions about his girlfriend and their relationship. There a lots of things to consider: How long have they known each other? How long have they been together as a couple? How much face-to-face time have they spent together? When does he want to bring her out to Australia and for how long?

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) looks at Tourist visa applications in a holistic way. They look at all aspects of the visa applicant – no one feature will guarantee a Tourist visa, but absence of something important may rule out the visa. As weleas looking at the relationship, the character and medical condition of your Thai girlfriend will be assessed, as well as her ability to support herself financially when she is in Australia. The Australian boyfriend of a Thai lady can offer financial and other support, and if this is accepted by the Embassy, the finances of the Australian will be looked at: does he have a job? Does he have savings?

At Australian Visa Advice we look at the situation very carefully so I can say to the Aussie man with confidence: “Yes, she has a very strong chance of obtaining a Tourist visa” or “At the moment her chances are not so good but if we do X and Y her chances will be improved significantly”. This is good because it puts everyone’s minds at ease and an informed decision can now be made as to whether to go ahead with the Tourist visa application or not.

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