Australian Tourist Visa Application

If you are a Thai and Philippino citizen and you want to visit Australia for a holiday or to visit family or friends you must first obtain a Tourist visa. You must fill in a paper application and attach supporting documentation. What you must provide will depend on your individual situation. Make sure that you fill in the appropriate forms carefully and understand what information you should provide.

Tourist visas can be applied for 3, 6 and 12 month’s duration. Single or multiple entry Tourist visas are available. Usually the Embassy looks at the request, including any significant dates or events that are mentioned, and based on their assessment, should they decide to grant the Tourist visa they will decide the length of time and number of entries to be granted.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of self-prepared applications are refused because of poor preparation. If the wrong box is ticked or some important piece of information is not included the Embassy can and will refuse the application. At law, they are entitled to make a decision based on the information at hand.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will, the vast majority of the time, attach a number of conditions to a Tourist visa. Such conditions normally include: no right to work, maximum 3 months study and “no further stay”. The latter condition, also known by its category number (8503), effectively means that the visa holder cannot apply for another visa while they are in Australia. In other words, if you are granted a Tourist visa for 3 months and want to stay longer and apply for another Tourist visa, and the “no further stay” condition is attached, you will have to leave Australia in order to make a new application. Conversely, if the condition is not attached you would be free to apply for another Tourist visa (or any other visa for that matter) while you are still in Australia.

For Thai citizens their Tourist visa application is processed by the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. In the Philippines the applications are processed at the Australian Embassy in Manila. There are options available in both Thailand and the Philippines for sending your documents to the Embassy through special service providers and courier companies.

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