Australian Skilled Visa

Australian Skilled Visa: When a State Needs You

If you’re planning migrate to Australia visa sponsored visa, you might want to consider applying for Subclass 176. This visa allows you to move to Australia permanently if you have good English language skills and your qualifications match those for occupations in the Skilled Occupation List.

Similar to other sponsored skilled visas, there is also an age limit of 45 years old for applicants. There is a points test for this particular visa. To be eligible for this skilled visa type, you must be nominated from a participating State or Territory government agency. All State and Territory governments in Australia are participating in this visa scheme.

Once approved, this Australian skilled visa allows the bearer to:

1.Live and work in Australia permanently
2.Study in Australia
3.Receive healthcare via Medicard and the Pharmaceutical Benefits scheme
4.After a waiting period, access social security benefits
5.Be able to apply for Australian citizenship once eligibility criteria for residency are met
6.Sponsor others for permanent residence.

How State or Territory Nominations Work

South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory may offer nominations. Nominations are based on occupational skills that are in shortage for the particular area.

These territories and states have websites that offer a list of skills in shortage. If you find that your particular skill is a good fit for open positions, they you may contact the State or Territory government. These governments also have a skill matching database.

It is important to note though that nomination from a territory or state does not automatically mean that your visa will be granted. You still need to apply and get and approval from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to get your visa for Australia. Your skilled visa may be granted once all the requirements are met.


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