Australian Migration for Asian Nationals

There are a number of ways that Asian nationals can migrate to Australia. Some of those pathways are based upon work and some upon family or other underlying criteria. At Australian Visa Advice we deal with family based migration to Australia and that is what this article is going to discuss.

Family based migration usually involves situations where the Asian national is in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. They need to be either married, engaged or in a de facto relationship. There are strict rules as to what defines a de facto relationship for the purposes of the Migration Act and Regulations.


Not all Asian nationals are treated equally – the citizens of some countries are classified as low risk and some as high risk. This determination is largely based upon prior records of nationals of the country in question – whether or not they have overstayed their Australian visa and abided by any other conditions, or not. For example, citizens of South Korea, Japan and Malaysia are considered to be low risk whereas citizens of Thailand, the Philippines and mainland China are considered to be high risk. The main significance of whether or not you are considered high or low risk will be in the time it takes to process your application.

Applications can be submitted either in or outside of Australia, apart from the Prospective Marriage visa (the Fiancé visa), which must be submitted outside of Australia. The Department of immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) looks at the length and genuineness of the relationship, the character and health of the ‘applicant’ and the financial capacity of the ‘applicant’ and ‘sponsor’. The Asian national can include dependent children in their application and other dependents whether or not they are children, but any dependent over 18 must prove that they are dependent upon the ‘applicant’.

Applications are usually lodged at the Australian Embassy or special visa office in the country where the Asian national resides. As mentioned previously, one can apply in Australia – but only if one has a visa which does not preclude them from applying for another visa while in Australia.

In summary, it is possible for Asian nationals to migrate to Australia. There are a number of different ways that they can achieve this. If they have a family based visa option available to them they should first check carefully whether they qualify before undertaking the process. We wish you the best of luck with your Australian journey.

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