Will my Thai girlfriend like living in Australia

If you have a Thai girlfriend and want her to visit or live with you in Australia, there are visa options available to suit almost every situation. It is always difficult to say whether she will like living in Australia because every person and every situation is different. However, from my experience over the years in assisting Thai’s to visit or live in Australia with their Australian boyfriends, almost all of the Thai women have enjoyed their experience in Australia and are very happy to be there.

I always think that, if possible, it is very important that when you are considering for your Thai girlfriend to live permanently with you in Australia, that you first bring her out for a visit. This will allow her to experience a taste of what Australia is like – the lifestyle, the weather and much more. You can also see what life might be like together when you are in normal daily routine of very possibly you working full-time and her staying at home. Of course, if your Thai girlfriend does eventually apply for an is granted a permanent visa, she will be able to work, and that might also change the dynamic.

It is possible to obtain a Tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend to visit Australia. Thai citizens are required to first obtain a visa before arriving in Australia. They must submit a paper application and provide a lot of supporting documentation. You as her boyfriend can provide support to her application by being, in effect, her sponsor. If she cannot not show that she is in a strong position financially you can show that you can support her visit financially and by providing accommodation etc.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of self-prepared applications are refused whereas a competent Migration Agent will achieve a very high percentage of successful applications.  These statistics are reflective of a number of important things to take note of. Firstly, Tourist visas are not easy to obtain. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is very strict with regard to who they will and will not let into Australia. If they have any concerns about the “Applicant” they will refuse the visa. Secondly, the Tourist visa applications are often poorly prepared. Australian men and their Thai girlfriends usually underestimate just how complex even a Tourist visa application is and the volume of supporting documentation required. Thirdly, a skilled and experienced Migration Agent understands Australian migration law, knows what is required and they can guide you through the process and will significantly increase your girlfriends chances of obtaining her Tourist (or other) visa.

Should you require a permanent visa for your Thai girlfriend, the main options will be the Fiance” visa or the Partner visa (by de facto or marriage). These visas are far more complicated and rigorous than a Tourist visa! So we definitely recommend that you enlist the help of a competent Migration Agent. Partner visa applications can cost between 2000 – 3000AUD just for the visa application fee and can take 12 months or even longer to process. Considering the amount of time, effort and money involved in making an Australian visa application it is certainly both cost and time effective to use the services of a skilled Migration Agent

Getting an Australian visa


All foreign nationals require a visa to enter Australia.

There are literally hundreds of distinct classes of Australian visas available for people in different situations and with different needs. Depending on the country of your passport and the type of Australian visa you require, you may be able to apply online, or you may be required to submit a paper application. Sometimes very little (if any) supporting documentation is required and sometimes a great deal is required.

The visa process can be very complex because, as well as Australian visas being categorised into types on the basis of activity, length of time involved and whether the Applicant is in Australia or not at the time of the application, they are also usually classified on the basis of which country passport the Applicant holds. For example, for Tourist visas there are three main types: one which covers only a handful of what are considered to be “low risk” countries by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), one which covers a number of European countries, and the third category which covers the rest of the world. However, to complicate things, it is possible in certain circumstances for Applicants in the first two categories to apply for a visa in the third category.

At Australian Visa Advice we can assist you to choose the best Australian visa for your particular circumstances. With our many years of training and experience we are experts at making these assessments.  We assist our clients to look very carefully at their situations and to think about future planning. We ask them to think about how long they want to remain in Australia and whether they want to  come here for tourist purposes, or for work, study, to do business, to migrate, or possibly even a combination of the former. After that  we give advice and then move forward with the visa application process.

We wish you success with your Australian journey.